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What Is a Polymer 80 Pistol?

Polymer 80 Pistol

We all know how popular polymer frame pistols are, but did you know that you can build one yourself? Fairly new to the market, the Polymer 80 pistol has quickly become one of the most popular ways to build and own your own handgun. So what exactly is a Polymer 80 pistol? How does it even work? Let’s break down what this pistol kit is and how you can build your very own polymer frame pistol! Who knows? You may never want to buy another handgun ever again with how easy it is to make them yourself!

What It Is

The Polymer 80 pistol is a pistol kit that allows shooters to have their own handgun platform to build upon that closely resembles the Glock series of handguns. From the build, design, function, and form, they are replicates of the most popular handgun series on earth. In order to do this, the Polymer 80 uses an 80% pistol frame (hence the name). These are also sometimes referred to as 80% lowers or receiver blanks. They are 80% of the way completed, and it is up to the customer to complete the frame in order to build the handgun. But once completed, you will be able to use Glock parts on your frame in order to fully build a custom handgun.

So is it just like a Glock? You be the judge. As we mentioned, Glocks are the most popular handguns in the entire world. At first glance, you might say that a Polymer 80 pistol looks just like one. This is in large part due to the fact that the P80 frame uses real Glock parts for the build, from things like the magazine to the barrel. There is one major difference to be aware of, however. While Glock handguns use a grip angle of 22 degrees, the Polymer 80 has a grip angle of 18 degrees. While this may not sound like a big difference, many people find that their one and only complaint with Glocks is that they have an unnatural grip and feel to them. The Polymer 80 solves this problem with its 18-degree grip angle, taking notes from the infamous 1911 and the widely popular and ergonomic grip angle that it uses.

Polymer 80

What are 80% Lowers?

80% lowers get their name for being 80% of the way completed in the manufacturing process. Because they are not completely finished and classified as unfinished firearms, they are subject to much fewer rules and regulations than of regular handguns. So, since it is not yet a firearm, you can buy 80% lowers without needing anything like a background check and can even send them straight to your house. When buying a regular firearm lower receiver that is completed, you are subject to the same firearm laws and regulations as buying a completed firearm, since the lower receiver is technically considered a firearm, regardless of parts like a barrel, buttstock, etc.

The Polymer 80 pistol falls under this category. Because the frame is not 100% complete, you must finish it yourself. But not only does this save you headache, paperwork, and money, but it gives you a gun that is custom made and the satisfaction of owning a firearm that you made yourself. While 80% lowers may seem complicated to some people, all it actually takes is a few simple tools (many that you probably already own) and a little bit of time to complete! You do not need any kind of special training or skills in order to complete this build, and the end result will give you a one-of-a-kind handgun that you can call your own. 

So as you can see, there are plenty of great advantages to getting yourself an 80% lower in order to create your very own firearm, and the Polymer 80 is the perfect choice for doing so with a pistol build in mind. In fact, very few companies offer 80% lowers for pistol builds, and those that are out there are not as simple and versatile as the Polymer 80 pistol! 

What Do You Need to Complete a Polymer 80 Frame?

One of the greatest things about completing a Polymer 80 frame is that every single bit that you will need to drill the pinholes is included. It also includes other parts like a locking block and the rails, so you will not need to worry about going out and buying anything in order to finish your frame. In fact, the only tools that you will need to have are probably already out in your garage: a drill press and a vice. Other smaller tools that might come in handy include items such as a bubble level, some sandpaper, and a hammer. With all of these things, you are ready to work on your new pistol frame and create your very own handgun!

Final Thoughts

The Polymer 80 may not be as well known as handguns such as Glocks, but once you buy and complete one yourself, you may never want to shoot a Glock ever again. Not only is the entire process extremely easy, but you can do it from the comfort of your own home and avoid many of the different regulations, rules, and hoops that you have to jump through when it comes to buying a firearm. Overall, the Polymer 80 pistol is certainly unique and one of the greatest handguns out on the market today. If you have ever wanted to make your own custom gun, then the Polymer 80 pistol is the perfect place to start! 

Polymer 80 Glock 19 Compatible Slides

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