Magpul AR-15/M16 MBUS GEN 2 Front & amp; Rear Flip Sights Set-BLACK


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Low-profile, flattop-mounted, polymer sights deploy instantly at the touch of a finger to provide backup sighting if a primary optic fails. Streamlined contours mean there’s nothing to snag on brush, slings, or other gear when folded.

Spring-loaded ambidextrous release mechanisms let you hit the grooved tab on either side of the sight to deploy and lock it in place. Hitting the same tabs retracts the sight when you’re done.

This provides the same height over bore as standard A2 iron sights. Windage-adjustable rear sights feature two apertures: a large, .185″ peep and a .070″ peep.

Designed for AR-type rifles and carbines, this fits any weapon with Picatinny rails. Front sights must be mounted on a railed forend on the same plane as the receiver rail to witness correctly with the rear sight.

Weight 3 lbs
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